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The Bucksport Bay Healthy Communities Coalition is a comprehensive community health coalition working to improve the health and quality of life of Bucksport Bay Citizens. 

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The Bucksport Bay Healthy Communities Coalition is a comprehensive community health coalition working to improve the health and quality of life of Bucksport Bay Citizens. 

What We Do

In order to create healthy communities with healthy citizens, we must all do our part, as individuals and as members of organized groups, to demonstrate a strong commitment to the importance of taking care of our own personal health - body, mind and spirit - as well as helping our family members and neighbors. These health efforts must be coordinated with local, regional, and state Public Health planning and services.

Coalition Seeks Community Health Outreach Consultant

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Bucksport Bay Healthy Communities Coalition (BBHCC) seeks a compassionate, organized, and collaborative individual to support our organization as a Community Health Outreach Consultant. We are looking for someone who is passionate about healthy aging and public health. The successful candidate will demonstrate understanding of the Social Determinants of Health and apply this knowledge through the oversight of the Bucksport Thriving in Place Program (TiPP). This is a contract position.


Who We Are

Bucksport Bay Healthy Communities Coalition is a Comprehensive Community Health Coalition operating within Maine’s public health system. We are a volunteer-based non-profit built and maintained by local citizens to improve the health of Bucksport, Prospect, Orland, and Verona Island. The Coalition monitors health status; performs community assessments; mobilizes community partnerships; provides community health programs and develops policies and strategies to improve community health.

The Role of the Community Health Outreach Consultant

The Outreach Consultant will facilitate communication between BBHCC Board Members and volunteers and local and state organizations. Additionally, this position will work closely with local, regional and state partner organizations to coordinate and implement the newly developed Thriving in Place Program. Primary responsibilities will include TiPP participant intake and orientation, data collection and storage, and community outreach and education. Additionally, they will facilitate communication between community partner organizations, conduct outreach for volunteer recruitment, research, program planning and evaluation, and maintain strong relationships with partner organizations.


The monthly time commitment is approximately 90 hours and the monthly fee is $2200.


Skills and Qualifications

- A bachelor’s degree in Social Work or Public Health

- At least 2 years of experience in social services and/or public health

- Strong in written and verbal communication

- Proficiency in Google Suites, Microsoft Office, and Zoom

- Excellent at working independently


Work Specifications

a. Develops and implements communication strategies with BBHCC board, volunteers, community partner organizations and the public.

b. Coordinates committee meetings as needed.

c. Researches and develops program models and data for projects

d. Grant writing and review

e. Monitors and reports on results of implementing community health strategies for effectiveness and results.

f. Collaborates with Bucksport Town Manager and RSU 25 School Superintendent on community health programming within their respective areas.

g. Reports to the BBHCC board and attends committee meetings as required.


If you are interested in this consulting position, please send your resume, letter of interest and three references to BBHCC by Tuesday, September 3rd via email to eyhiggins@gmail.com, or by mail to BBHCC, 46 Bridge Street, Bucksport, ME 04416.