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Age and Ability-Friendly Committee

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AARP Age-Friendly Bucksport
Town of Bucksport Maine

Age and Ability-Friendly Committee members are a spirited active group of all ages who are determined to improve the health and quality of life for local residents. Members have served as advisers to a number of studies that researched local housing, health, and transportation needs. The committee has sponsored numerous health programs on such topics as nutrition, exercise, legal issues and financial planning. 


As we live and grow our priorities shift. Priority one: health; two: mobility; three: independence. The Age and Ability-Friendly Committee works with our towns, health and social organizations to ensure the best possible outcome for community and individual needs. 


In partnership with organizations like the Bucksport Senior Citizen's Center, RSU 25, and Eastern Agency on Aging, the committee is promoting participation in programs which empower individuals at all stages of life to make healthy choices.

Lifelong Maine Communities


We also have a Lifelong Fellow for 2024. Her name is Mary Beth Paquette. She will serve to assist the Age and ability-friendly committee this year on a project (Home Repair & Maintenance Resource Guide)

The Dementia Inclusive kits available at the Buck Memorial Library"  

to "Memory and Caregiver kits available 

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