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Water Quality & Health

The University of New England Center for Excellence in Aging & Health is looking for survey volunteers.

Adults aged 55+ are invited to participate and there is NO cost.

Why? Home tap water may contain small amounts of certain contaminants depending on the source. A common contaminant in Maine well water is arsenic. Contaminants may be harmless or pose health risks over time. Older adults can be vulnerable to such risks due to aging‐related changes in health. Dr. Tom Meuser, Director of the UNE Center for Excellence in Aging & Health, is partnering with an environmental health researcher Dr. Jane Disney, MDI Biological Laboratory, to conduct this research study.

How? Participants complete a web‐based survey that takes 20‐30 minutes. Respondents from Maine may choose to pursue free home water testing through the MDI Biological Laboratory. For those who choose to have their home water tested, a risk may be learning of a current contaminant and associated anxiety about its potential impacts. A benefit may be new learning about home water quality and ways to enhance safety (e.g., through filtration).

Click on or copy and paste this link to register: Or send an email to Dr. Meuser and he will send you the survey link. Tell him you learned about this opportunity through the Bucksport Bay Healthy Community Coalition. The survey is open Fall 2022—Spring 2023.


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