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Making Change Happen for Over Two Decades! Continue the Legacy.

Over two decades ago a spirited group of older adults gathered to discuss how the everyday lives of Bucksport Bay older adults could be improved. Bucksport Bay Healthy Community Coalition’s Senior Resource Committee volunteers gave their time, hopes, and heart to improving our communities for all residents. Members of this group were unwilling to accept that change was not possible. They engaged town leaders, businesses, churches, non-profit agencies, state and federal government, universities, and national organizations to help design and fund the programs and services needed for the Bucksport Bay area. This small group grew an amazing network of partnerships improving housing, transportation, healthcare, and home-based services. The pandemic caused the committee to meet by phone and internet. However, members will be regathering in person on Wednesday, February 15th at 1:00 pm at the Bucksport Senior Citizen Center to continue their important work. We hope you will consider joining this effort. Residents of any age are welcome to join this group! We have a specific volunteer opportunity for a SRC volunteer secretary who can take meeting notes. For questions or more information contact Vanessa Newman at 207-469-6682.

Guest Blogger:

Mary Jane Bush 406 Bucksmills Road Bucksport, Maine 04416 207-469-2335


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