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Lasagna Love!

"Have you heard about Lasagna Love? We are a group of volunteers who spread kindness throughout our communities one lasagna at a time.

I’m Angie. I’m a proud Lasagna Love volunteer and Regional Director for the state of Maine. Lasagna Love is very active throughout the nation and I am hoping to spread the word far and wide here in Maine - including Bucksport!

So what do we do? Our volunteers provide homemade lasagnas, at absolutely no cost, for anyone who could benefit from one. Need is not only financial. In fact, oftentimes it is not. We all need a little love sometimes and often the kindness of a stranger is just the sort of love we need! On the flip side, volunteers love to give! And, if I can let you in on a little secret...often volunteers are struggling, too. Yes, it’s true! I’m one of those people and can tell you first hand that cooking and providing a meal for someone is often the ray of sunshine I need to get out of a funk. So, let’s help each other out… If you would like a home cooked meal, I encourage you to request one by using the link below! If you love to cook and want to give back to your community, I have an awesome volunteer opportunity for you! Volunteers cook how often they want and deliver as far as they are willing. It's a very flexible way to volunteer. Please sign up for a meal or to volunteer below – it may be the easiest thing you’ve done this week! "

For a meal, click here. To volunteer, click here.


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