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Age and Ability-Friendly Bucksport!

Did you know that Bucksport has an Age and Ability-Friendly designation?

This means that the Town of Bucksport, Bucksport Bay Healthy Communities Coalition and AARP work together to make Bucksport safe and accessible for all. To keep this designation, there is an action plan and a committee. Town officials and volunteers are involved to support this mission. The Home Safety & Accessibility Repair program is one example of the Committee at work. There are many examples!

To read more about what the Committee is involved in, go here to read our Progress Report.

If you want to become involved, you can join (or attend) the Age and Ability-Friendly Committee meeting that occurs once a month and is held in person (also virtually) at the Bucksport Area Senior Citizens Center usually on the third (or fourth) Wednesday of the month from 1:00 - 2:00 (ish) pm. The next meeting is August 23rd at 1:00 pm.

If you are a business or local organization who would like to champion or lead an Age-Friendly (Yes, all ages) project, please reach out to Vanessa Newman at 469-6682 or

Currently, we are about to launch a "Thank You Card" Campaign for older adult residents of Bucksport. If you would like to include a coupon for your business in this campaign, call right away. Or if you want to volunteer to stuff, sign, or mail out cards, please get in touch.

We welcome the opportunity to work in collaboration to make our community thrive!


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