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Is Your Home Ready for You to Age?

According to AARP, America needs more "Aging-Ready" homes. Read the full article here.

AARP and the U.S. Census Bureau say:

  • In 2020, over one-quarter (27.6 percent) of occupied households in the United States consisted of one person living alone. In 1940, 7.7 percent of households were occupied by one resident.

  • Over half (53.2%) of households in 2020 were coupled households in which the householder has a live-in spouse or partner.

  • In 2020, 7.2 percent of family households were multigenerational.

  • In 2010, 7.9 percent of children under age 18 lived in a grandparent's home. In 2020, the figure was 8.4 percent (or 6.1 million children).

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