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BBHCC 80 for Brady workout!

Bucksport Bay Healthy Community Coalition's 80 for Brady workout: 1. 80-seconds of deep breaths or deep belly laughs 2. 80 seated toe-taps 3. 80 finger snaps or taps (40 right hand and 40 left) 4. 80-second wall sit or "above the chair" hover hold 5. 80 hand claps (in preparation for the end of the movie) or high-fives 6. 80 smiles to friends, neighbors, and family members or your self in the mirror 7. 80-seconds of marching in place or dancing 8. 80 thumbs up (only 40 if you do both thumbs)

If you get these done before the weekend, give yourself a big hug!

Hope to see you at the movie at the Alamo Theatre this weekend - March 3rd through 5th. The Sunday matinee has open captions.


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